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   Welcome to a personal site of artist Jury Inushkin.

    Here you will find the information on the artist and his works.

    On following pages you can familiarize with creativity of the artist. The page "Subject’s compositions" contains the works of different years executed in techniques of painting and schedules. The page "Portraits" contains various variants of execution of portraits: a pencil, color pencils, a pastel, oil. Execution of a portrait probably both from a nature, and on a photo. The page of "Wall-paintings" contains images of paintings of walls of various premises, and also custom-made icons from a temple. Also, genres are presented on a site: a landscape, a still-life, a friendly jest.

    From page "Feedback" you have an opportunity directly to contact the artist. To ask to him a question, to leave the comment on an artwork or wishes on improvement of work of a site. Also, here you can make inquiry of the price or leave the order for a picture, author’s copy of his pictures, copies of pictures of different painters, a portrait or design work (a wall-painting of a premise, the poster etc). About all details it is possible to learn having contact with us. For this purpose come on page "Guest’s book (Feedback) ".

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